Teacher Chuks

Teacher Chuks Episode 11


Episode 11

Chinaza stood in front of the big Lecture Hall as tension was the right word to describe the atmosphere of the hall as we “Chinaza’s soldiers” were ready to defend our proposals…

It was either you impressed her or you became a prey (which one of my new friends had told me that being a prey meant being killed and one’s body parts will be sold to ritualists).

Chinaza started talking…

“Every sperm is sacred. Every sperm is great. If a sperm gets wasted, THE CREATOR gets angry, and that is our desire because the average male will produce roughly 500 billion sperm cells over a lifetime. It might interest you to know that a healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a SINGLE ejaculation. That is to say , every ejaculation produces over 50 million “would be” or potential human beings, but mostly only one becomes the physical baby we hold in our hands….”

Chinaza went silent , and there was dead silence in the hall, then she picked up again…

“That is to say for every sperm released is a potential HUMAN BEING…Hence, instead of the popular killing of human beings and shedding of blood for rituals or some diabolical spiritual transactions, we prefer to use the potential lives in the sperm. It is more efficient and less noticeable. We sell these sperm collected to men and women who are looking for fast wealth or trying to do some spiritual evil work.

Therefore , for every ejaculation that is wasted and you are able to trap into your account, you have been able to kill or trap 40 million virtues that ought to belong to that man and you will be heavily paid…Do you understand?”

The room was still silent, as I wondered how Chinaza just gave us a demonic but highly scientifically backed up lecture.

“ So the male semen carried so much value and yet we waste it in the name of enjoyment…Imagine all the wasted virtues…Over 50 millions in one ejaculation!” I thought silently

“ Another important thing to note is that, we can’t trap all sperm, we only trap wasted ones… The ones from married couples cannot be trapped, but the ones wasted whether in form of M———-n, adultery, fornication and Homosexuality are the ones that we can trap…” She said

Chinaza kept on talking but I couldn’t hear her again… as I tried to sieve her words to know if there were elements of truth in it..

She said God was angry when Sperm was wasted… Hmm.. She was definitely right about that, because I remembered one of the stories in the Bible about a man named Onan who was always spilling his semen on the floor as a way of punishing a woman, God killed him for that act…I remember My Dad preaching about it in one of the services when I was a teenager.

“0049….” my heart almost jumped out of my body… I thought Chinaza was about to call me to be the first to defend my proposal, but she had called 00497

I watched as a lady in her 30’s stood up…

“ I intend…

To be continued…

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