Teacher Chuks

Teacher Chuks Episode 7


Episode 7

Chinaza became the boss and my controller, How?

As I heard the remaining digits in my heart in the hotel room, I dialed her number as she had instructed in her note. Fear couldn’t make me put the phone close to my ear, rather I opted for Speaker instead… I heard her domineering voice…

“ Hello, Anthony Chukwuemeka, First son of Nonso and Chiamaka Anthony. How may I help you?”

I instantly couldn’t find my voice any more as I was paralyzed with fear as to how she knew my parents’ name and my full name . My heart was pounding and racing a million times per second, I felt like a heavy stone had been placed on it….

“ I don’t have all the time in the world, are you ready to say something or should I help you say it, because I can tell you exactly the words in your heart.. You were about to say “ You asked me to call you ma!” She mimicked my voice

She was so right, those were the words in my heart…

“ Well, Chuks , What is your decision?, Do you still want to use me for your money rituals or you want me to help you?”

“ None of the above!” Was what I said in my heart, I couldn’t say a word, fear had paralyzed my sense of speech…, but Chinaza had heard me, because she said…

“ You can’t say None of the above, nobody sleeps with me and goes back the same way, it’s either you become a prey or you become a slave, so what do you want to be?”

I didn’t know what she meant by being a prey, but I knew it wasn’t going to be something nice. I decided to pick the second option…but before I could say my choice, I heard her say…

“ Nice choice you have made, if you had picked being my prey, you would have died instantly, so let’s have a friendship date. Hang up now, and follow my voice which you will hear in your heart. It will lead you to where I am…”

I couldn’t hang up, I was too scared to touch the phone.. I started crying as all the words my mother told me about the devil started making sense… If this lady was not the devil and was just probably one of the staff members of the devil’s industry… and her voice alone had me shaking. I was wondering what life in hell with the devil would be like….

“ Don’t think too far… All that is not important now, think about now…” Chinaza said as she apparently had read my mind again…

That moment I think I understood what She meant by being her slave. At that moment, I felt I should have picked the first option to die and know I was going straight to rot in hell.

Then she shouted like a LIONESS

“I said Hang up and come to me right now…”

I punched the end button…

Immediately I thought of running back to my parents and I heard loudly in my heart

“ You dare not, You have 20 Seconds to leave that room now and your time starts now, 1,2,3…”

I wore my pants in a hurry, I picked up my shirt , shoe , belt and bolted out of the room. The hotel staff all looked at me like something was wrong. They asked the security to keep me as they went to check the room if everything was fine.

As I was released to take my leave and I stepped out of the hotel, I heard her voice again..

“Take a public bus to Ijaniki” and almost immediately a bus stopped in front of me… I entered into the bus….

A young lady sat close to me. At this point , all my sense of Sex appeal was gone, Fear was what was dominating me…so it came to me as a shock when I heard her voice…

“ I want you to make the lady beside you h—y, put in your hand in your trouser and self excite yourself and make sure she sees you doing it”…

I WAS FINISHED… Was this not broad day display of madness?… To m——–e in a public bus in order to make this teenage girl become h—y….

I told myself I was not going to do it, but almost simultaneously I felt an invisible string around my neck choking me….I knew I had to do what she had commanded… What was she going to gain in me making a girl of about 17-18 years old h—y in a public bus… ? It was later I got to know why!

At that point, I did as I was commanded, and although I was the one seducing the girl, I was silently hoping she would overcome the temptation and alight from the bus, but she was enjoying it…. I could hear her moaning silently beside me and adjusting herself making sure she was having body contact with me… My heart was full with regret but I couldn’t help it…

After about 15 mins of being controlled by Chinaza against the poor girl in the bus, She directed me to alight. I got down and surprisingly the girl followed me…

As I stood waiting for the next direction and wondering why the young girl was standing beside me, a dark tinted SUV parked In front of us and to my utmost shock, the driver said

“ Mr Anthony Chuks, please step into the Jeep and bring in your prey as well”

Oh My God! Prey? The girl had become a prey… And just like the way a male dog follows after a female dog, the poor 18 year old girl followed me into the Jeep….

The driver locked the door and started driving… I didn’t know where we were going but I knew I was going on a wrong journey…..

If only I knew I was been driven to the Land of NO CONSCIENCE with a poor innocent girl who couldn’t say no to temptation… I was wondering if the definition of her being a prey meant she was going to be killed?

To be continued…

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