Teacher Chuks

Teacher Chuks Episode 8


Episode 8

The driver was blasting one of these erotic hip hop songs in the SUV, and this was not helping matters at all, because the teenage girl was all over me begging me to continue what we started.

I tried removing her hands from my body and somewhere in my heart, I felt I could hear Chinaza’s laughter of mockery. Also, anytime I Looked into the car’s inner mirror, I could see the driver’s mischievous smile. We drove for over 30 minutes in the busy metropolis of Lagos.

Finally, we got to a popular Company that services the female gender. They were manufacturers of Female Under wears, bags, shoes, clothing, Hair extensions e.t.c. It was a popular brand.

A car was right in front of us at the gate, the driver was given a blue pass, before the gate was opened for him.

Our driver hooted like an owl and the security man gave him a Black pass instead while opening the gate for him, he also threw him a salute as well.

I watched as the driver drove past the main office complex and drove for about 2 mins to a big warehouse at the extreme end of the compound.

The driver alighted and asked me to alight with the Prey. I was about to ask questions when I heard Chinaza’s voice loud and clear in my heart…

“ No questions,he is not wired to answer questions”

I watched as the driver walked to the entrance of the warehouse and placed his thumb on the sensor of the Security door….The door opened on its own accord.

The door opened me up into a new world, I saw men and women in Grey patterned uniform. It was an office setting with people working on their specially designed Computer System. I had to ask myself if I was in a dream, but Chinaza answered again in my heart…

“ No this is not a dream, in fact this place is more real than where you are coming from”

The driver was walking towards a beautiful receptionist. Her space was like a hotel reception with different keys on the wall. She had a beautiful dark shades on, which she later removed after addressing the driver.

“ Welcome, 0042,,Thanks for bringing in Mr Anthony Chuks and Miss Kikelomo Smith. You may return to your quarters”

She handed him a key…

The driver left us… The beautiful receptionist also had a number on her uniform 000234. I was wondering what was happening as I watched the lady looking intently at the teenager like she was accessing us…All the while, the teenage girl seem to be in another world holding on to me tightly.

Finally, she said something…

” From my evaluation, Fortunately Mr Chuks, you are the Proposed Agent , while Kikelomo is your first prey. Congratulations…. You can have your Welcome pack…”

She handed over a black envelope and she pressed a button which was a public address system button…

” New Agent and New prey arrived”

I was so sure this was a dream, I knew I must have had too much alcohol at the bar the previous night before I met Chinaza. I knew this wasn’t real…Chinaza wasn’t real, everything wasn’t real. I was hoping my Landlord would bang my door for his rent and I would wake up from this absurd dream..

” This doesn’t happen in real life, this happens in movies” I was telling myself as I shut my eyes tightly hoping I would wake up…

Yes ! I did wake up, when a hand tapped me on the shoulder…I smiled telling myself someone was finally waking me up. I opened my eyes to the shocking reality that every thing was real. A man who also had a number on his shirt but on White Shirt with Grey Shorts, was the one tapping me

” Please follow me ” he said with a smile…

I looked back and noticed the girl, Kikelomo had been separated from me and was taken to the opposite direction…. I wondered what they were going to do to her, but I decided to focus on my life and survival in the strange place.

I kept following the man, and we got to another Iron security door. He also placed his thumb on the sensor and the door opened….

What I saw next was shocking…

This was indeed another world hidden in the busy center of Lagos which was cleverly fronted as a popular manufacturing company.

As I stepped into this world, I knew my life was in for more than I bargained… Love for Sex had opened me up to more than what met the eye…

I saw a line of small cubicles, a transparent room made with thin glass. Each room had its mattress, table and chair, Fridge, TV screen. It was beautiful but there was no other word to describe the place as a beautiful PRISON. I saw people in the cubicles with numbers on a different type of uniform… Men, women, teenagers, Youths…were all there…

Where was this place and who were these people? and what was I doing here…? Was this place really in this city, in Nigeria, in Africa?

For the first time, I desperately wanted to hear Chinaza telling me the answers to my questions but she failed me this time…

To be continued…

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