Teacher Chuks

Teacher Chuks Episode 5


Episode 5

On the last day of our National Youth service, as Favour walked past me, she turned back and threw another bombshell at me…

“ Before, they were just about 100, but you have recently added 50 to them, I hope by the time they get to 1000 and you are finished, you will realize how much you have weighed yourself down, I would have loved to say “Bye ,see you at the top” because of the potential you carry, but I am afraid, there is no top for you talk less of seeing you at the top…, Have a regretful and empty life ahead”

Favour said as she walked away, I didn’t understand a bit of what she had said… Who are the 100? Who are the 50?. I shook my head and concluded Favour was probably a sadist and a Man hater but she was right about something. What?

I never saw the top for complete 5 years after my Youth Service, I couldn’t secure any job for a long time.

It was always one issue or the other.. I had the looks, swag and sexual appeal to please any panel or employee, but the best time I spent on a job was two months…. My employees usually got tired of me. It felt like I had a stench around me. When my employees sighted me, they got agitated. Also at this point, it felt like I was losing my sexual appeal on women my age. Only older women, married, divorced, separated women were the ones always on the look out for me…

When I noticed this, I decided to stop working and I started living on women…I did this for about 2 years before one of the married women got pregnant for me..I was not in need of a child, she settled me big time and I thought I was settled for life…By this time I was just 25. She gave me a lot of cash but till date I can’t explain how I lost all that money..

I spent another 3 years sexing anything I came across, until the beginning of the 5th year at the age of 28, when I took stock of my life and realized I had nothing….

I became a fine boy poor guy, I looked fly on the outside but nothing in my pockets. At this point, my sexual appeal to ladies was probably on a 0%. My clothes started fading out, even though I tried ironing them… I couldn’t use my strong colognes again, I started using cheaply made body sprays, I couldn’t afford toothpaste, I started using chewing stick… I drank cassava grits( popularly called Garri) two times in a day… I was living in a room apartment that had little or nothing in it…

I was down to nothing!…. I decided to help myself as shame wouldn’t let me call my parents for help. At this point, they had come to know my true colors and they were not proud to associate with me…Although I wished they had forgiven me and drew me closer, maybe things won’t have gone this worse.

With no one to help and since Sex wasn’t working any more to put food on my table , I decided to go diabolical and just like you know the norm, I was told to bring something from a girl’s body after copulating with her.

I was told it could be the hair from her private part or from her armpit or from her head or better still any of her underwears.

This was after the Herbalist told me there was nothing in my body that could be used. He said my manhood could not be used either, I didn’t understand what he meant by that Until I met Her. Her name was Chinaza…

To be continued…

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