Teacher Chuks

Teacher Chuks Episode 4


Episode 4

I was a tap that never got dry, “ALWAYS RUNNING” was the name girls gave me in the university. I left Laraba at home in the north with my parents when I gained admission, but the seed she had planted in me was there…. At the university, I had my freedom…

Girls were literally begging me to have sex with them. It seem for every girl I made out with, she would tell 10 other ladies like her about me… Another nickname I was given was “ SECOND TOUCH”…Girls were never satisfied after my first Sex with them, they were always asking for a second touch…

My time in the University was like heaven on earth for me… I never lacked anything, it got to a point that girls were paying me to sleep with them. I drove girls nuts.. Thanks to SEXRUSH in me, SEXRUSH made me appealing to all the girls and I was even told by girls that when they were around me, they were always instantly wet even without me touching them… That was how powerful and influencing SEXRUSH was…

I didn’t have a girlfriend, because I didn’t need one…but I had my eyes on one girl, her name was Favour.

We were in the same department, she was the only girl who didn’t care who I was…She was one of those Prim and proper girls. For the first two years, we spent in the university, She never said Hi to me and neither did I, because of my sex popularity, girls were the ones who said Hi, to me. Anytime I moved close to where she was, she would instantly move away…

It was when we were in our 300 level, I decided to swallow my pride to speak to her….As she saw me approaching, she took to her heels, but this time around I was not planning on letting her go easily.. I ran after her and held her by the wrist. She gave me the most wicked stare ever seen and she removed her hand from mine like my hands were burning her…

“ Hey, what’s up, why have you been proving hard to get for the past three years? I know when a girl likes me”.. I said with my seductive voice and gave her my iconic raising of my eyebrows and curved lips… Girls usually fell when I did that, but instead Favour looked me straight in the eye and said…

“ I don’t like garbage , it stinks… if only your eyes could be opened to see how much of it you carry around, you will run away from yourself, just like I do” Favour walked away from me closing her nose like I was indeed smelling….

That was the only and last time we ever spoke during our university days, but her words never left me… It was always haunting me. Was I really Smelling?…

I continued my sexual escapades daily like there was no tomorrow, Quite Surprisingly and thankfully then, No girl ever got pregnant for me…so I was safe….

I graduated with a Second class Upper. Like I stated initially, I was very brilliant.

I was posted to Ondo state for my National Youth Service ( A year Compulsory yet volunteer program of all university graduates to serve their nation: it was compulsory in the sense that, if you wanted to get into public office in the future, you would be asked to tender your Certificate of participation, but it was also voluntary in the sense that you could choose to do it or not).

After the Orientation program, I was posted to a female secondary school as the Fine Art teacher for a year.

That was another land of devouring young girls. I became a full bloom pedophile. My best spot was under a banana tree that was close to the fence of the school which was far away from the school buildings….As the FINE ART teacher, I would tell other teachers I was taking them to the bush where they could get inspiration from nature….and since they were in groups of fives and six, no one suspected any foul play..

I had a particular group of 6 girls between the ages of 14-15 who were sexually active, they would all take turns with me under the Banana tree…little did I know these girls were part of a squad I later found out were called THE RAIDERS….

I was popularly called “ Teacher Chuk Chuk” a slang which meant I loved to penetrate into girls, but the teachers didn’t read much meaning to it as my name was Chuks. They thought the students were calling me “Teacher Chuks Chuks”.

However, the same school was were Favour, the Prim and Proper girl had been posted, we never spoke on personal basis except official matters.

On the last day of our National Youth service program, as she walked past me, Favour turned back and threw another bombshell at me…

To be continued…

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