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Rape Culture: 2nd Account

Rape Culture: 2nd Account by Lepasha

Ouch! Everything hurts. Every part of me hurts. Why did he do that? Does he know me at all?

Maybe all this is my fault. I am the cause of this. I shouldn’t have used this route for my good. This couldn’t have happened if I had decided to walk home through the other route. But why would this happen to me? Maybe, I’m paying up for my wrongdoings.

Hell, I can’t even walk properly without feeling like am burning up. Why can’t I stop crying? I need to be a big girl and stop crying, worse things have happened to other people. At least, I’m aware of myself and I’m not dead.

I need to be cleansed; I feel dirty within me. Heck, I’ll never wear these clothes. I’m going to burn them; they’ll have to go with every bit of memory about this day.

I think I should talk to someone about it. But who is there to listen? Not a good idea. I should just keep it to myself, it’s too embarrassing to be talking about. I will have to just swallow some pills; I don’t want to be carrying that bastard’s child anyway.

“Hey, friend. Why do you look so dirty? It’s so unlike you.”

” Uh… It’s nothing. I just fell near the river on my way here…”

Hope that it is believable

“Oh sorry, you need to shower then see you soon.”

That’s great, no need to bother, it’s easy to cover up the shame am carrying. Still, I can’t stop questioning why the hell this happened to me. I cried, begged, and prayed to The Almighty not to let it happen, but he didn’t send his angels to help me. He just watched all of it from heaven. Maybe, he’s punishing me for not being that good kid I was raised to be.

No need to just sit here crying, there’s nothing I can do that will undo what happened. I should just take the necessary steps before my parents come back home. My thoughts are conflicted, they are giving me these crazy ideas. I’m afraid that I might follow them.

“Maybe you should start on drugs, they’ll help you forget.”

“Maybe you should just commit suicide… You can’t carry all these in the world we are living in today.”

The latter is exciting, I think that I will follow it. But it’s of no use if that excuse of a man is still on the loose, I should probably hunt him down and kill him. No need, I think he is already paying for what he did. We know what they say about karma, but I can’t be sure if he is paying.

Nothing matters at the end of the day; it doesn’t matter for I will not see his face again. Getting high and being accompanied by music is good, anything to distract my mind for the next couple of weeks will help me forget everything for good, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything again.

Everything is dark and blurred, I don’t know what is to come, but I know what has become of me. Someone without a name, or name too evil to be mentioned…

Hello world, welcome the newborn me. I am Depression, be ready to keep up.

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