Teacher Chuks

Teacher Chuks Episode 10


Episode 10

I entered into my cell exhausted after being drained. I laid on the prisoner’s single bed that had been provided for us. The small bed suddenly became too big and I felt so small and fragile.

My conscience decided to haunt me, as I began to remember my teenage years.

I remembered Uncle Paul, our teenage teacher in church. I remembered how Uncle Paul would literally be pleading to us during church service to flee from fornication, his popular saying was:

“ Sex outside God’s approved plan is a subtraction tool from the devil,Sex outside God subtracts from man”

We never took him serious, rather we made jest of his words by using the word subtraction during our jokes…Anytime we were going to get down with girls, we would jokingly say…

“ I am about to go get subtracted”.


“ I am going for some subtraction with some multiplication and some additions” …It was a joke to hide our real motives from people

“Now, I know it is real, I have actually been subtracted from. Chinaza had said I only have 1% value left in me…” I thought silently in my heart as I laid down defeated on the bed…

A bell sounded… I jumped up from the bed in surprise… I Didn’t know what to expect….The cell doors opened again but this time around, we were served Dinner by 6pm.

The Dinner was served to me by a Lady in White and Grey uniform, as she dropped the food, she looked me straight in the eye and looked down at a paper she had hideously kept under the plate. I nodded understanding she wanted me to read it…

After she left, I picked up my food and with great wisdom, I read the little note which read

“ Don’t compromise, Don’t be afraid of she who can not save but can only destroy. Fear God only because He is the only one who can save you…” Tina

Who was this lady? Preaching in this kind of place and she had not been slaughtered by Chinaza…I decided not to think too much about the lady before Chinaza read my mind.

The next day, we were taught about the SLAYERS, We were made to understand that the Slayers were the Sex Assasins, who infected people with sexually transmitted diseases, Spiritual attacks and demonic attacks all aimed at killing the victim within a short time or long time .

Lunch was to be eaten in a common dining room. We all queued up to have our meal. When it got to my turn I saw the Tina girl again she served me my food and she gave me a smile I returned.

I walked to an empty table but was later joined by 3 other young men….

“ Hi,” One of them greeted me and I replied…

“ I am sure you want to kill her too?” He said referring to Chinaza…

“ Who doesn’t?” I replied
The three guys exchanged knowing looks like they had a plan and I seemed like someone who could join them…

“ Whatsup, you guys are planning something?” I asked them

They exchanged looks again, the guy to my left gave a nod…

“ If you notice, all the guards here don’t use guns, so why should we be afraid of them? the POWER House here is Chinaza. Our plan is to gather a lot of likeminded people in this place and whenever Chinaza is not around, we strike all of them down except Tina…

“ Tina?” Who was that? Oh! the girl who brought me the paper!

“ Why?” I asked as I wanted to know more about her…

“ We heard she is Chinaza’s sister who was brought in as a prey by one of the agents unknowing to him that she was Chinaza’s sister. Chinaza however can not kill her sister, because she is a born again Christian.. I hear she spits fire..”

“ But why is she still hear? God Should have delivered her” I asked

“ Chinaza doesn’t let anyone out of these doors unless you have signed a pact with her in blood, that way she knows you can betray her”

“ So I guess Tina refused to do that?” I asked…

“ Yes, preys that cannot be slaughtered by Chinaza becomes domestic slaves here” the guy said, but immediately he finished his statement he started choking on his food, it felt like someone was choking him and just like in the movies, Chinaza surfaced in front us with her hands around his neck. We all jumped from the table…

She made sure the poor guy died before she let go of him….

“ I allowed him have his full time of explaining what does not concern him and to let you know that for me not to be merciful to my sister, I don’t care about any body.. Lunch is over….and based on what has happened today, I have a change of mind, I am releasing you all in the next three days, so you have tender your proposals on how you intend to bring in your sperm collection on a daily basis…Note, if I am not impressed with your proposal, you will become a prey! Get to work!” She said walking away

What was she talking about? I was new here and no one was willing to talk as they had seen an example of what talking when Chinaza didn’t ask you to talk could cause for you…

I was turning around to see if someone could help but no one could ….Then I heard her voice in my heart….

“ You will be released in the next three days to the outside world, and you must find a way of bringing in sperm into your account daily. The day you fail to bring into your account, you will be severely punished, but for everyday you bring in, you will be paid handsomely in cash…, so go and think on your strategy….As I looked up I saw her looking at me from a transparent glass office with a very mean look….

I turned from her and walked towards my cell, I didn’t want to become a prey and for the first time in five years after school, I was forced by the She devil to put my brain to work….

The next day as people were defending their proposals, I marveled at the rate people thought of how to get the male sperm into their accounts….

My strategy was different, but I knew it was going to work…

To be continued…

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