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Review on the poem: Because I’m a woman by Mishti

Because I’m a woman by Mishti

Review by Offor Emmanuel

BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN BY MISHTI is sure a good piece of poetry. Nice lines, true facts about women.

But then I think it lacks emotion, it couldn’t provoke emotions in me. It merely just stated what we’ve always known about women, I expected more creativity since we’re dealing on a subject that’s full of emotions.

That is not to say it isn’t good, it is not just exceptional. There were lightening lines therein though, lines like “chained by my emotions and tears, I can speak my heart out and be bold”, etc

There’s always room for improvement.

Review by Adaobi Rachel

The poem bears great detail on emotion, stance and health of women. It shows the rough experience women go through and still turn out to be great. It adds a great deal of meaning to what womanhood implies.

I love it.

Review by Okigbo David

The poem is really exceptional, especially it’s main idea being based on feminism and female empowerment. The arrangements and length also sets the poem apart.

In general, I think I get the message the poem passes on, women should know the power they possess, and use it for good not belittle cowardly.

It’s a nice poem.

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