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From the editorial board, the top rated poems and story of Week 11, 2021

Our editor's top poem of the week is Black Woman by Ifeme Kingsley and Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle

Editorial note
It’s so obvious why it had to be the top pick, the two writers gave an insight of the events that do occur, degrading the black woman.
They ended with a message to the general public, one we believe should be upheld: Every woman deseves to be heard.

Second top rated poem is Freedom by Adaobi Rachel

Editorial note
Short, easy usage of words, bearing a strong message: Set us free. We are not warriors.

Third top rated poem is Baby by Adaobi Rachel

Editorial note
Is this poem to a loved one or to a child? That’s a question I might spend the rest of my life answering.
A masterpiece.

Our editor's top story is Grasses and Sunshine by Adaobi Rachel

Editorial note
Grasses and Sunshine. We met sitting on grasses and collecting a dose of sunshine. Who would not love such fantasy?
But the story helps us realize that it takes more than fantasy to make a relationship work.


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