Black Woman

Black Woman by Ifeme Kingsley and Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle

Look closely
Look closely at her

Look closely at her.
What do you see?

What do you see?
Butt and breasts
Nude and cleavages
Sexy figure eight
Black beauty

I see beauty with no privileges
Potentials untapped
Never-ending ebony creativity
Unexpressed black power.

I see the unexpressed power of the black woman

They won’t let her express herself
For they are afraid
Of what she would become
Of what she would do with all that power.

She is chained
Enveloped in public crucification
Left at the peril of the rapist
And mercy of her deflowerer
Who cages her mind
And leaves her to dessicate slowly
Till she shuts her eyes
Never to open them again.

The world would then rant and rave
With crocodile tears
Trying to water the dead flower
But it would be too late by then
For her body will lie
Lifelessly and helplessly
By the roadside
About to go six feet below
Just like the ones before her.

Like others before her
She needs a voice.

Every woman deserves to be heard
For she is more than cleavages and nude.

She needs to express herself
For she is more than the tone of her skin
She is human
With feelings and emotions
Which should be upheld.

Every woman needs to express herself.
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