Chronicles of Yikpata

Chronicles of Yikpata

In a foreign land far from home
In this lofty plains of Kwara
Under the deep terrains of Yikpata
We came together to obey the clarion call
Different tribes and languages
Multiple talents and personalities.

In the first cold morning, we stood
Shivering and grumbling
Expressing our indifferences
Staring at each other with strange eyes
Hoping we would leave immediately.

But cold morning after cold morning
We started greeting one another
With a little bit of familiarity
Until we became friends.

Events followed after events
Competition upon competition
United us as a family
Until we knew our names
And smiled together.

When it dawned on each to take up a role
We all did, with vigour and zeal
Some learnt new skills
Others perfected their talents.

We all ate as siblings
Drank together as friends
And cheered as a team

And in this cold morning
After three weeks of camping in Edu
As we leave with mixed feelings
For our places of primary assignment
I have to admit that
I met a family in a foreign land.

by Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle ( Glaive_writes )