The Eyes Reveal Sparkle

The eyes reveal a sparkle
One I can’t explain unless you were a poet
Otherwise you might not really understand.

The hair artistically flows down to the neck
Resting on cozy breasts
That offer comfort to a weary heart.

The smile reveals a bit of pain
One a poet can spend all night listening to
And never get tired.

The lips seduce like an adulteress
One I would give my all
Just to have a taste thereof.

The hips tell a story of ocean lust
I dream of the day
I will drown in the waters beneath.

The curves reveal the pleasures of life
Smoothly grazing the tight skirt
Clouding my thoughts all day.

How can one alone fit in this creation?
How can I not dream of not being with her?
Why wouldn’t I dream of being hers?

By Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle
© Miray Books, 2020