Because I'm a woman!


I’m short heighted and tiny,
Yet you kneel down when I walk in.
With a wonderful gaze and an amazed look,
I get noticed and admired.
Because I’m a woman!

I’m a fantasy, a dream
And your worst nightmare as well.
I fight with my impactful voice,
I keep glowing with my charm.
Because I’m a woman!

I care for the people who surround me.
I’m the one who rules them all.
I not only look after the house,
I run the entire world.
Because I’m a woman!

I bleed every month,
Bearing the evident pain.
I don’t bury myself in the woods,
I soar high to let my shine get noticed.
Because I’m a woman!

I’m a survivor, a fighter and a struggler,
Chained by my emotions and tears.
I face toxic trolls and sexist comments daily,
Yet I still continue to be free.
Because I’m a woman!

I carry a soul in me for 9 months,
I feel pain, but the baby is worth it.
I’m happy to feel it.
I’m not only a mother
But a sister, a daughter and a wife.
Because I’m a woman!

I have a naughty yet fascinating imagination,
Falling for people easily.
I feel every thing which I shouldn’t and
I cry over sad movies and daily soap.
Because I’m a woman.

I’m adorable, unfathomable
Impeccable and incredible.
I can have men on my fingertips.
I work harder everyday and
I can speak my heart out and be bold.
Because I’m a woman!

Written by Mishti‚ú®

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