Short story

The Adrenaline on First Meeting

The Adrenaline on First Meeting

By Mishti

I met someone the other night, at a party.

The party was pretty crowded with a bunch of rich people, and as usual, I was uncomfortable. So, I went outside of that hall to get some air away from the rich throng, little did I know that was a tall and muscular man standing.

He was backed towards me, but I had a feeling that he’d be a really beautiful human being. I just stood there for a couple of minutes, glaring at him nervously. I don’t know why, but I was nervous.

“I can feel you staring!”, he suddenly exclaimed.

He had a really strong and husky voice, yet, it was music to my ears. His voice was so manly and intense, but, I was caught red-handed exploring him. I was genuinely scared to death. In a jiffy, he turned towards my face.

I saw him for the first time in forever, and Holy Mother of Jesus! That man was perfect. Perfect for what any girl would dream of. A fantasy Greek god, if you ask the dirty side of my brain.

Holy moly, I was still gawking. My gaze can never get enough of this man. I was nervously rubbing one of my hands with the other palm. He was astonishingly hot and handsome at the same time.

Later on, he came near me. Oh my gosh, I can’t define that, there was a huge rush of adrenaline in me. He was looking at me like he kinda was studying me with his dark black eyes. But that didn’t even stop me from staring, I kept on adoring him.

His hairs, black and shiny, perfectly styled. His piercing black eyes on me, my body. His nose pointed straight. His lips, big, and his neck tattooed. His hands were folded, covering his body. This man was perfect from head to toe. Adorable! He might have more tattoos, I wonder. I was numb, I didn’t speak a single word, but he had a really strong effect on me.

“You’re a little hot for being a tiny woman, little lady,” he whispered after exploring me, reaching his mouth to my face and then my ears.

Butterflies, definitely butterflies. Shivers ran down my spine, my body was betraying me in every way.

“Am I making you nervous?” he asked again, coming more closer to me.

Dear Lord, save me. Give me the power to resist him.

As he came closer, my breathing got heavier. I smelled his cologne. A mixture of smoke and fresh citrusy lemons, he smelled so good. My inner me was forcing me to do dirty with him. I wanted to kiss him so badly, I wanted to taste his big lips. For God’s sake, make a move gentleman!

“If you allow me, little lady, may I touch you?” he asked sincerely, his eyes were shining.

And he made a move. Perfect. More butterflies. I nodded assuring him, without words.

Without wasting a single second, he erased the distance between us and grabbed me through my waist, with his one hand and the other on my face. My hair flicks, which came onto my face, hid my eye. He moved that hair flick and pushed it to the backside of my ear.

“You look more beautiful now, angel,” he complimented.

I was intimidated. Kiss me right now boy, what are you waiting for? I was excited and nervous at the same time. Never I’ve ever thought that a man could have this effect on me.

“What’s your name, angel? Who are you?” he asked with a huge curious look on his face.

Shit! He asked my name. I can’t reveal my identity. This could get me in trouble. Why? Because my parents are maintaining an image inside the hall, and I’m already arranged with someone. More like I’m hooked. I can’t, I just can’t tell him my name. The look on his face got more curious, he was trying to read my face. And my expression was enough to tell him that something’s not right here.

“You can trust me, angel. I don’t bite unless you want me to,” he convinced, winking at me.

Ohh, come on then, bite me now. I again started getting frustrated. My dirty thoughts were ready to take their way, but then, I remembered that he asked me my name. He said that I can trust him, but I had trust issues and I don’t even know him. My heart wanted to say it. but my brain said otherwise.

“My name is..umm… Sofia… Ermm… Sofia Adams,” I answered nervously, trusting him in a little strong way.

“Wow, Sofia Adams, a perfect name for that beautiful face of yours,” he complimented again, this time, in a flirty way.

I blushed. I was lost in my imagination.

“By the way, I’m Harvey, Harvey Salvatore. Pleasure to meet you, Miss Adams,” he expressed gratefully.

“Oh erm.. well, erm…Nice to meet you too… um… Mr Salvatore,” I replied nervously.

He smiled after hearing this sentence. A lusty smirk took place on his lips. Like he cannot resist now, it’s enough. Suddenly, he grabbed my whole body and slammed his lips on mine. He kissed me, he kissed me roughly yet softly, he kissed me like there’s no tomorrow. I kissed him back.

Dancing my tongue with his and sticking my tongue in his throat, this man was one heck of a good kisser. Oh my god, this kiss was the best kiss of my life out of every kiss I have had. He was moving his hand upside down my neck and currents continued flowing through my whole body. His lips were soft, he tasted of sour and sweet oranges.

He bit my lower lip and a sudden moan came out of my lips. Wow, this moment felt like perpetuity, like there’s no tomorrow.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed while trying to resist the intoxication he was feeling.

Take me now, take me right now. My inner self was jumping. I want to feel his body on mine. I want him so bad. But suddenly, he pulled back, and I felt embarrassed. Maybe I’m not a good kisser, I felt embarrassed with myself.

“You don’t want me?” I questioned with an upset look on my face.

“No, I want you more than I ever wanted someone. I crave you from now. I’d have taken you, right now, right here. But I don’t want you to regret anything tomorrow. I’ll achieve you. I’ll make you mine, I promise. Just come on a date with me. Give me your number if you want, I’ll call you,” he explained to me properly.

“I’d love to come on a date with you. Here’s my number…” I smiled.

“Great, then until next time Sofia,” he said, winking at me again.

Holy fuck! Why did he have to wink? He left after he gave me the best day of my life. It was the best day and I’m glad that my mom and dad forced me for coming to this party. I wish to meet Harvey in better conditions next time.

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