The disobedient daughter who married a skull
Short story | Folktale

The disobedient daughter who married a skull

Once upon a time, there was a maiden who was so pretty that she had suitors from around the world. Unfortunately, she was very picky and was never satisfied with any of the offers she received.

A demon from the spirit world whose representation is in the form of a skull fell in love with her and was determined to marry her. He went around villages collecting body parts until he became extraordinary handsome.

As expected, the maiden fell in love with him once she set her eyes on him and agreed to marry him without prior background investigations.

After the marriage, the demon took the maiden to the spirit world where she was subdued to extreme suffering. She was however very nice and helpful to the demon’s mother and in appreciation of her acts of kindness, the demon’s mother helped her escape and sent her back to her parents.

On getting to her parent’s home, the father asked her to marry a friend of his, and she willingly consented, lived with him for many years, and had many children.

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