Short story

A night with him

A night with him by David Okigbo

“God, you’re so beautiful!” the man screamed in excitement, as he felt the heat on my thigh.

His hands trembled to the touch, and the coarseness in his baritone showed he was hungry for more. He leaned closer to sniff my exposed skin and gasped longingly at the intoxicating fragrance of my lotion.

Then, I moved back a few steps, swaying to the sound of Beyonce on the stereo. I saw the look of disappointment that lingered in his eyes but I wasn’t worried.

In fact, I knew exactly what I was doing. I wanted to starve him a little, just enough to make him want me even more this night. The room was poorly lit and I soon noticed his eyes strain as he tried to follow the silhouette of my half nude body dancing on his balcony.

“Are you having fun baby?” I asked, noticing the drool on the side of his cheek. He just nodded eagerly like a simple school boy staring at his lunch.

“Come and join me over here, the view is breathtaking.”

He swiftly stood up from the white king-sized bed and walked hastily to the balcony. Then he began to dance awkwardly to the rhythm of the music struggling to meet my pace.

“No, be gentle.” I whispered, putting his hand on the only part of my waist that was concealed by the satin lingerie I was wearing.

In a matter of minutes, we were both in sync, moving smoothly to the rhythm of the music under the watchful eye of the moon in the cold beautiful night.

“This is nice,” the man blurted out shockingly, enjoying every moment of the experience.

I felt him softly kissing the side of my neck and the feeling of his dried lips on my bare skin made me smirk slightly.

All this while, since the night began, I had been fueling the engine of his libido and now I had him exactly where I wanted him.

In one calculated move, we danced out of the balcony and back to the room where the bed was. The song was playing its last note and I immediately knew this was my chance to act.

“Take off your jacket,” I commanded, pushing him back on the bed.

The smile on his face as he stripped the polyester off his back showed that he was swooned by the authority in my voice. I watched him disrobe quickly till the nudity scale in the room was balanced and all he had on was a pair of his lavender colored boxer shorts.

Once he was done, I sat on his hairy laps with both of our groins rubbing together in sexual tension.

“What do you want me to do to you?” I asked softly in his left ear, biting his lobes gently to his delight.

“Whatever the hell you want, baby,” he moaned, barely exhaling the words from his mouth.

“Be careful what you wish for,” I warned as he laughed and thirstily leaned in for a kiss.

Then, I pushed him again, this time, his bare back touching the soft cotton duvet. He was visibly exhausted by the foreplay but a part of him enjoyed and even craved the mystery I had dangled in front of him since the night began.

“Relax, we are getting to the best part,” I assured, moving down with my mouth, from the hair of his chest to his elastic waist band. I could hear him groan in excitement, eagerly waiting for what was next.

Then, to his unfortunate surprise, I quickly made my first jab at his abdomen causing him to cry out in agony. I lodged my silver coated pocket knife in him, long enough for him to behold his untimely demise. Then I made my second stab, this time more lethal than the first.

The room was sound proof due to his own instructions and so, I let him scream his heart out, the only kindness I could afford him.

I dragged the knife violently creating a wide incision in his flesh and exposing his skillfully arranged internal organs. I was smitten by the brilliant crimson hue of his insides and couldn’t help myself from gently pulling out his kidney.

I held the pulsating bean shaped organ and admired it much to its owner’s horror.

“God, you are so beautiful!”

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