Several times I have seen posts asking the question, “What is the purpose of life?”

The answers have ranged from “no purpose” to many varied, and sometimes very lengthy definitions but none of them made any sense to me. When reading the many comments, I realized the answers did not make much sense to many others.

Why does this question arise in the first place?

Do we, as insignificant organisms, want to be important?

If we study the well-accepted theory of evolution, humans seem to be a fluke of nature. That is one of the reasons many theists, despite the overwhelming evidence provided by evolution, cannot accept it.

Many people are looking for the significance of our lives and the reason why we are here.

The development of life through natural means seems impossible because of the enormous odds. The universe is so enormous and beyond our understanding, while time is counted in billions of years.

Life defies the odds, we have won that lottery because we are here. Remember, no matter how large the odds are in a lottery, one can win tomorrow.

When we consider the “purpose of life” question, we must take into consideration the fact that about 90 per cent of the life forms that have ever existed have gone extinct. Humans will eventually go extinct as well, some predicting within a hundred years, others predicting another large meteorite such as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, will do the trick or when the sun goes nova and others say when a god rains down fire on earth. Thus, we are in a temporary situation but for what purpose?

So I would like you to revisit the question: “What is the purpose of human life?”

But before you do, you must answer the question: ”What was the purpose of the dinosaurs’ lives?”

Think hard about it.

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