To My Muse

My dear muse, I know a lot of eloquent men. Men who speak like gods. Men whose wisdom is evident in their speeches. Men who bear it all in one take, and wouldn’t go back to think about the words that should have been said. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

I have seen a lot of male models. Men with brick-solid chest packs and clean-cut beards that are so charming, that I too might have been tempted to touch if only I were a lady. As it is, I’m not a lady and even as a man, I do not fall in that category.

However, my dear muse, I’d like to think I write well.

I write like men of history who burnt the night candle to pen down beautiful words on sleek sheets for their lovers. I write like men who chose to express the purity of their love in black and white – the way of pen and paper.

I understand that it might not exactly be a grand approach, especially in this age and time we live in. But I still think it is stylish, and I like the idea of it bringing my existence and my musings about our tomorrow to your consciousness, since I do not know if our paths have really crossed yet.

I’m not sure if I have heard you giggle so tenderly, laugh hard or even sing your favourite.

I cannot say if your smile is the most beautiful smile that I’ve seen in my time on earth but I still imagine how unbelievably beautiful you’d be, inside and outside.

I cannot stop but think about how fittingly you’d complete me.

Nothing causes me to smile better than the thought of how graceful a pair you and I would make. I look forward to that day when I can finally say, ‘I’ve found my diamond.

Each passing minute is a step closer. Each new day draws it nearer. The idea of forever with you, excites me.

My todays are spent on learning. I’m learning from Obi Cubana and how he treats his wife like she is his world. I’m taking lessons from Jay-Z and the royal treatment he gives to Beyonce. I would forever draw inspiration from the lore about Obama and Michelle, and how she made him understand that he became President, only because she was by his side.

Perhaps, dear muse, we’d have an inspiring story of our own.

Maybe I’d someday bump into you and while you’re at the top of your voice, I’d be staring at you, lost in the thought of how beautiful you are and somehow, I’d find the right words to soothe you and get you to go on a dinner date with me, or perhaps you’d fancy one of my writings enough to send me a message that starts our journey to forever.

I’m not really particular about the form or direction our story would take, so long it has happy endings for us two, it’s perfect.

So, my dear muse, even though our paths are different, let me connect our destinations.

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