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5 Major Reasons Why You Should Read Aloud

5 major Reasons why you should read aloud

by Adetunji Paul

Do you know you have a high chance of remembering what you read aloud than what you read silently?

Reading aloud has been underrated by many students because they are not aware of what it does to them.

Even teachers nowadays advise their students to read silently, so as not to constitute noise.

But in the real sense, reading aloud has a lot of benefits to you [the reader].

Amidst others, when you read aloud, you benefit the following:

  1. Improves your memory: It has been researched and proven that people remember texts and words better when they read them aloud than when they read them silently.
  2. Stimulates your imagination and creativity: When you read aloud, you spark creativity in you. We think in images and pictures especially when there is a spoken word. So, when you read aloud, you hear yourself speak, which stimulates your imagination.
  3. Improves reading comprehension: When you hear yourself speak you understand the words better. Reading aloud makes the words stick faster.
  4. Improves your grammars and pronunciation: Reading aloud helps you to increase your vocabulary, spellings, and how you pronounce.
  5. Encourages active listening: You tend to pay attention and concentrate on what you say when you read aloud, which increases your concentration on the text you are reading and thereby aiding comprehension.

I encourage you to read aloud the next time you read. Though not to constitute noise or nuisance, but to understand what you are reading.

You don’t have to speak at the peak of your voice before you read aloud, it just has to be loud enough so your ears can hear it.

Thanks for reading.

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