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How to write a better sales copy

How to write a better sales copy by Adetunji Paul wealth

You are the one creating more fears. Yes you, the skilled copywriter.

This post will change how you write copies if you read to the end.
You’ve been taught to create triggers that spur emotions but the question is: But what kind of emotion do you spur? Fear, guilt, anger, sadness, etc.

Yeah, there is no doubt that these emotions works especially when it comes to massive sales. But there is a problem. You are trying to solve a problem, so creating more problems to solve a problem will only subdue it for a while. It’s only a matter of time.

I once read a sales Copy about an insurance company and I was totally freaked out about the way they instilled the fear of death and loss in insuring life.

Of course as you expected, it turned out well, but they bought from the wrong perspective. it was as if i will die tommorrow and the fear of death is even more than leaving a better future for my genarations

So, what’s the better way?

If they had given a promising future to the children, funeral expenses, payment of debt (of the insured or family) etc, I think that would have been best.

Stirring positive emotions like love, happiness, surprise, etc, would have been best for the company and product. Instead of making people bad before buying your product why not, make them feel better and buy for the right reasons.

Though you can mention problems/pains but you shouldn’t magnify them into sufferings through fears, guilt etc and also you should provide solutions to them

Michelle P.W puts it well in her book called Love based copywriting method (the philosophy behind writing copies that attracts, inspires and invites).

Download the book and its workbook here

Love-Based Copywriting Method

Love-Based Copywriting System Workbook

Thanks for reading to the end. Trust you’ve learnt a better way to write copies?

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