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Writing tips with Paul wealth

Sometime last week, I saw a business, it was just like every other business but there was something that caught my attention. I can’t really remember the name of the company but the tagline was like this:

“???????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????”.

I laughed when I saw it, because I understood that it is a lack of target audience.

Let me explain better

The company sells executive furnitures(chairs, tables etc). How is executive furniture for everyone? Everyone might need it but not everyone want it or can afford it. Some people can make do with plastic chairs, wooden chairs etc.

I guess they don’t have a copywriter or brand manager. This also applies to writing, whether you are a copywriter or a content writer. For your writing to be more engaging, influencing and persuasive you need to know your target audience

Don’t just write abstractly. Write with clarity and specificity. Write with your target audience in mind.

Have a great day ahead.

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