Windmills of the Gods by Sidney Sheldon

It all began with an astounding call from the White House. One minute, Mary Ashley, Kansas housewife and political science teacher was chatting over dinner with her family; the next minute the President of the United States was asking her to become the new ambassador to Romania! That call changes everything for Mary Ashley. She becomes an instant celebrity, hounded by the press, courted by politicians.

Finally, Mary arrives in exotic Bucharest to take up her duties, confident, refreshingly candid-and dangerously innocent. For watching her closely is an in- visible network ‘of powerful men whose aim is to sabotage the President’s bold new peace plan. They are about to set a diabolical trap. And the inexperienced young diplomat is the perfect bait.

“We are all victims, Anselmo.

Our destinies are decided

by a cosmic roll of the dice,

the winds of the stars,”

the vagrant breezes

of fortune that blows from

the windmills of the gods.”

-H. L. Dietrich

A Final Destiny


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