Learning to Dance by Karri Justina Shea

Learning to Dance by Karri Justina Shea

Everything in Taz’s life can be traced back to her quinceañera, the day she lost everything she’d ever known, and the day she met a Starship Ranger named Up.
Lieutenant Up had spent his life alone, a soldier devoting himself to a war that has spanned centuries. He can’t explain why he feels so drawn to the fiery Mexican girl, this tiny creature who can scream like a banshee in the face of certain death.
Their story spans both light years and decades, alien planets and bouncing moons, space-faring starships and the crumbling ruins of a decaying Earth.
Up becomes Taz’s teacher, her commanding officer, her friend and her love. But when war and tragedy tear him down, she is the only one who can help him get back up and become the man she knows he can be.

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