Millionaire Mindset – Gerry Robert

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How Ordinary people create Extraordinary income

Gerry Robert

In this book, the author explains that why a poor person who wins a lottery gets back to the same poor person within ten years time is because of the thinking. The poor person didn’t acquire Millionaire Mindset.
The Millionaire Mindset reveals how you can break the cycle of poverty consciousness and take back control of your life. The Millionaire Mindset talks about how an ordinary person can make extraordinary income.
In this book, the author says that The Mind is not the Thing, the Mind is the Activity, the Mind is an Image Maker, the Mind operates by the Law of Magic Thinking.
The author further states that Choices determine Destiny not Chances.
In this book, he explained the Universal Law. He further explained that there are some laws which are universal and they are around forever. They will work whether you know them or not, whether you use them to your advantage or not. The author says that the law works all the time irrevocably for everybody, irrespective of anything.
In this book, the author explains some laws like The Law of Sowing and Reaping also called The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Polarity, The Law of Germination, The Law of Vibration.
You cannot afford to miss this life changing book.

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3 reviews for Millionaire Mindset – Gerry Robert

  1. ethankushner

    Can I get a hard copy of this?
    If yes, could you deliver in Lagos?

  2. John


  3. paul007

    This is self provoking. One in a million boook!

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