Why you should read unpopular authors


There are a thousand books being published offline and online every day, but a majority of the books that will be read are written by well-known authors, with television appearances and promotions. It is most likely the kind of book you would hear about.

Recently, I read a book that wasn’t a best seller, it wasn’t on Bill Gates or Barack Obama’s reading list. Right now, I can’t even recall the name of the author but the book: “A compendium of jokes” written by a professor of survey and geoinformatics was as funny as hell that I couldn’t drop it. It contained jokes that are appropriate for corporate settings. Jokes that would make co-workers laugh with you instead of at you or be displeased and assume you are mocking them.

Reading that book surprised me, it opened my eyes to the fact that whenever someone puts pen to paper, it often means they have a story to tell, love to give and laughter to share.

Books are a great way to expand knowledge. And many of the best books in history were written by authors who are not particularly well known and were not among the best-sellers of their time. Yet, these authors provide a lot to be learned from, as they were experts in their own fields.

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider reading books that don’t make it to the best-seller list or get included in lists of famous people’s favourite books.
  1. Wonderful gems are waiting to be discovered: Discover a world of beautiful writing, well-structured prose, beautifully written poems, become one with the antagonist or the protagonist, reveal in a world weaved by wonderful authors instead of allowing their lack of promotion to stop you. One of the best books I have ever read was WHAT SAYING YES DID TO ME. This book was so wonderful that I read it from beginning to end in one sitting. It was morning and then, it was night, time flew so fast. The authors weren’t popular and the book isn’t a bestseller, could only be found on Miray Books, and it was so captivating that I discovered a gem.
  2. You can build a relationship with the author: Sometimes reading a bestseller book can feel like eavesdropping, you hear what they are saying, you understand it and feel it but as the curious person you are when you want to ask questions you discover that it is really difficult to get the attention of the author because a million other people are asking their questions and the author might not attend to you because of time. An unknown author has a lot of time for his fans and you can build meaningful relationships with them. (Get in touch with one of our authors here.)
  3. Become an advocate: There are many joys in this life but very few joys are greater than having people say these three words “You are Right”. Helping people discover what you have discovered, giving a recommendation that your book friends enjoy is such a good feeling that some of us ride it for months and it leads us into the temptation of being masters of everything. What better way to add value to your friends than to introduce them to quality books that will transform their lives.
  4. Acquire diverse Knowledge: Learning from people who are on their way up is different in my opinion from learning from people who are already on top. While it is easier to see people who are way ahead of you, it often is the footstep of those climbing that you need to follow in other to get to the top. Knowing authors who are unknown and moving to known helps you understand more and see how sometimes a writer’s style evolves.
  5. Motivates you to write a book: Inside all of us is the desire to tell our stories, to let people know about the funny things that go on in our heads, the castles we have built, and the people who live in them. But one of our biggest drawbacks is our fear that no one will read our books. When we meet and develop a relationship with authors who had the same fears and have gotten past those fears to produce great works. Your question changes from: What if nobody reads my books to what do I do to get people to read my work?

With a support system like Miray Books, becoming an author has never been easier.

Written by Johnbosco Ezeani

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