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The Original Hebrew name of our saviour has to be YEHOSHUA because:

  1. The name Yehoshua is written in the popular Hebrew text of the Holy Scriptures that was produced by a group of Yehudiym (Jews) who were known as and called THE MASORETES.
  2. The name YEHOSHUA is in accordance with the inherent grammar of the Hebrew language that was used in writing the Masoretic Hebrew Text of the Holy Scriptures.

Every language has its own peculiar inherent grammar, and it is very unfortunate that almost all the people who talk about the Hebrew language do not care about the inherent grammar of it.

But when we engage ourselves in studying other languages, we begin with the inherent grammar of it especially the letters of the language and the parts of speech. We do not try to contradict the inherent grammar of any language or fight against it. Rather we study and learn it.

The name YEHOSHUA is a Hebrew compound word just the name CHUKWUEBUKA is an Igbo compound word. As a Hebrew compound word, the name YEHOSHUA is composed of three different Hebrew single words. The three different Hebrew single words that make up the Hebrew compound word YEHOSHUA are:

  1. YAH, which is the name of the Almighty God according to Psalm 68:4/5.
  2. HU, which is the Hebrew singular masculine/neutral pronoun with present tense verb. So the Hebrew word HU means HE/IT IS. This Hebrew masculine/neutral pronoun HU also simply serves as the verb IS.
  3. YESHUA(H), which is the Hebrew single word that means SALVATION.

First of all, the Hebrew single words YAH and HU were joined together as a Hebrew compound word according to the inherent grammar of the Hebrew language and so they became the Hebrew compound word YEHU which means YAH IS HE or simply YAH IS .

YAH plus HU cannot be either “YEHO” or “YAHU”. It is rather the Hebrew compound word YEHU that can become both YEHO— and —YAHU when it is used as the prefix and suffix of Hebrew compound words.

YEHU plus YESHUA(H) equal to YEHOSHUA and YASHA plus YEHU equal to YESHA’YAHU.

The Hebrew name YEHOSHUA is the same as the Hebrew sentence YAH HU YESHUAH.

Adherents of Sabbatarianism think that YAH plus HU should be “YAHU” but they use Hebrew HALLELUYAH without thinking that the Hebrew singular HALLAL should become the Hebrew plural “HALLALU” and that “HALLALU” plus YAH should become “HALLALUYAH”

The joining together of two or more Hebrew single words must be according to the inherent grammar of the Hebrew language. We must handle Hebrew letters, words and sentences according to the inherent grammar of the Hebrew language.


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