When I die

When I die

When I Die

By Aanat

When I die
Do not burn candles in my name
Cause I’m still alive
I’m just leaving with my loved ones.

When I die
Do not cry
For I am gone
To quest my mission
To the submission of God.

When I die
Do not weave me goodbye
For they shall not give solace
To my weary soul.

When I die
Do not bring me flowers
For they cannot bring peace to me
Don’t place any farewell gift
Nor party in my name.

When I die
Do not weep for my decease
But be ye happy
That I finally got a home of mine
Where sadness, grief and pain
Sorrow and tears are no more.

When I die
Do not wallow in sadness
Because it is a path
That we all must journey
Pray that I pass through mine
With lot of smiles on my face.

When I die
Do not summon me
With a heavy heart
Be happy for me
That I have begun
The beautiful journey
That we must all undertake

When I die
Do not punish
Your heart for my departure
Alas! It is a place we will live forever
But be ye happy
And send me prayers beyond measures.

When I die
Do not dwell in loneliness
For I am always with you
My love will always lead to your heart
And when you remember my smile
Your face will be cherished.

When I die
Flourish out every painful word
Far away from your heart
For they only weaken you
Rather love the world
For there is a lot of happiness
That I left with you

When I die
Do not yell at the beautiful world
By questioning Why me?
Forgive, forget and let the pains flee away
For me to live happier there

When I die
Live your life fully
Be kind to your self
Accept the fate of life
And let my absence
Be a blessing in disguise

When I die
Forget that you have lost me
Let go of something
That cannot be undone in life
Let my absence make you
A better person to the world
And accept it as a blessing from
The owner of lives.

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