Fear of unreturned love

Fear of unreturned love by Aanat

I wish to unveil my feelings
But I know not how to start
For every single word I wish to say
Would be from the depth of my heart.

The first time I met you
My heart became moist with honey
Just at a glance at you
Your walking shadow
Observing those wrapped around you
On this path of narrow
While thinking of you feeling me
With unending ecstasy
Hoping you spare me your loving gaze
Even for one brief moment.

Million of words overruled my heart
Refrained were they from spoken words
For within lonesome tide
My ears are dead to myself
Hearing “I love you” all over again.


There came a tide
When we were close together
Intense and intimate
But farther was your soul
Whenever you passed me.

How I wish you could hear the voice
Of those hefty words in my heart
But like a graveyard silent
They are too quiet to be carried
By air into your deaf ears.

I’m not but one whom your words of love
Snatched away by the stormy wind
And lost their way to the path of your heart
Like the tip of flames, they fade away
Just like the ones before them.

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