Lost by Lepasha

Why is it that am so blind? What do you see that I don’t see? What is it that you see that makes me different?
I honestly can’t see it.

Is it that my insecurities and fears are surpassing me? That I have eventually come to build a home for them in my heart..
Well, I guess they are becoming comfortable, cause now they are becoming my biggest troubles.

Have my eyes become so closed off that I can’t see anything beyond this? And every time I’m saying goodbye, I feel like it’s the last.

I guess I have become too much attached. No wonder the insecurities are becoming a plague that I can’t shake off.

It is true that sometimes it’s hard for me to trust. But it’s also hard not to. I feel like I’m in between roads, and I don’t know which path to follow. I feel so lost.

My mind is going in circles and I can’t trace its beginning. Maybe this is what it was meant to be…
Never enough for anyone, especially for me.

Am I overdoing it? Or am I not doing anything? Is there any difference or is it just on my side?
Cause I really can feel it and it is not a lie.

It’s like am in between crowds, and the more am there, the more suffocated I feel.
I feel like I’m being drained, yet I can’t see the source. I only feel lost.

Your people can’t be my people. My people can’t be yours either.
Has it always been like this or am I over thinking this?
Am I making it too much complicated or am I just complicated naturally? Or am I lost?

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