Dear mama

Dear Mama

Dear Mama

By Lepasha

Dear mama,
I am sorry.
Sorry for making a fool out of you back then
Sorry that I didn’t listen
Sorry that I never opened up to you
Sorry that I led myself behind your back
Sorry that I hurt you with my words
Sorry that I lied to you
Sorry for any wrong I did
Both knowingly and unknowingly.

Dear mama,
You worry too much
And I want to be real with you
I’m no longer that young girl you raised
Time flew, and things have changed.

Dear mama,
I’m no longer unknowing
The world changed me to be who I am
And I have come to realize
That there is more to this world.
So, I explored it on my own
Although the consequences are therein
Some good and some bad.

Dear mama,
You doubt me too much
And, I won’t be lying to you
When I say some of your doubts are true
But some are just out of line.
They make me mad and sad
Maybe its because they hit me
Close to home much.

Dear mama,
I don’t hate you because you are religious
And I am not ashamed of who you are
I am okay with your ways.
Just stop trying to drag me back
I had my reasons to leave
They are much stronger than the reasons
You have given me to stay.

Dear mama,
I love you so much
That is something you should never doubt
But we both have a different way of thinking.
And just because I don’t agree with you
Doesn’t mean I see you any different.
Just because I view things differently
Doesn’t mean I hate you.
I might disagree
But at the end of the day
I will always love you.

Dear mama,
I can never replace you
It’s not healthy to think that way.
I am happy for who you are
Insecurities don’t suit you
You are among those rare types
You are one of a kind mama
You may not know
But you raised me right.

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