Udofia takes you through the journey of a young boy as he tries to find his place in the world. His struggles, mistakes, highs and lows.
Friday Patrick Unogwu puts in his best to bring you this thrilling novel.

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This book is a great and thrilling work of fiction, it centres on a young man called Udofia. He is the second son of his dad. His brother, Akpan, is nowhere to be found. He has three sisters. His father was a singer during his lifetime, and his mom is alive and works with the local government.
After his secondary education, he decided to leave his village, Abak in Akwa Ibom, for Lagos, but he is dissuaded from the idea. His friend, Effiom, invites him, against the advice of his mother, to come to Calabar and work in a company where he is working.
For his mother, it was too early to work, she was willing to sponsor him in the university if he was patient but Udofia hastily declined the excellent counsel of his mother and left for the city of Calabar
So, he got the job through his childhood friend, but the job turned out to be very frustrating. Udofia who was determined to make it, before returning to Abak, lingered in Calabar, doing odd jobs, for sixteen years. He loses everything and becomes depressed, then hospitalized.
Though his friend advised him to look for a trade to learn to alleviate their suffering, as always, he would not listen. He took to drugs and highlife and crashed eventually, but Effiom ensured he reunited with his aged mother in the village where he ran from.
His people received him and he is taken to the hospital for further treatment where he recovered. He confessed to his mom that he has a lady who he has put in the family way, and his mother, who was curious and caring, got him a job, and he brought the lady to Abak.
He gets admission into the university to study Architecture, and from there he graduated and sponsors his dream career – music, and he becomes none in Nigeria and elsewhere. He became fulfilled because he changed and learned to take good advice from the people that love him.

Friday Patrick Unogwu is Idoma by tribe, an indigene of Igumale, Ado Local government of Benue State Nigeria.
He studied Christian Religious Studies at the University of Jos and has a deep passion for writing fiction.
He is a prolific writer and has published two books: The Lazy Hero and The Wise Boy. His poetry work was selected for the semi-finals in the North American open poetry contest in 1998.
He has currently summited six of his works for publication in Nigeria.
The author lives in Abuja with his family, where he is engaged in writing and the less privileged ministry.


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