To all the Ladies I’ve ever Loved

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Title: To all the Ladies I Love
Author: Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle

What is love? This has been a question I have asked myself ever
since I could remember. People always answer that question in so
many ways. Some say God is love, some say love is the keeping the
commandments of God, others say it is an intense feeling of
affection and care towards another person, while others say it is a
sexual desire.
Why do we develop affections for certain people and not others? I
can’t seem to answer that either. Why do the feelings grow? Why
do we care about them? Why did I fall for them? Maybe I am not
meant to answer those questions, or maybe they weren’t questions
at all. They certainly weren’t the most beautiful or gorgeous or
endowed. They weren’t the best of all, but they left an imprint in
my soul. They touched my life in ways I could never forget. They
made me strong, whilst being my weakness. I had some of the best
moments of my life with them. They created memories I realized
later on that I would cling onto for the rest of my life; they made
everything feel right in my life. In between words unspoken, desires
unsaid, feelings untold and decisions not taken, I fell in love.
And now here am I about to write my life in five poems, about the
five ladies I have ever loved in my life

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2 reviews for To all the Ladies I’ve ever Loved

  1. John

    Impressive romance story ❤️❣️

  2. paul007

    This is an amazing romance book. I recommend it to every young person out there!!!

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