The Leaderless Revolution by Carne Ross

The Leaderless Revolution by Carne Ross

How ordinary people will take power and change politics in the twenty-first century

What can we do beyond Occupy Wall Street? Political and economic systems are failing us, and it’s time for citizens to create change, both individually and collaboratively.
In The Leaderless Revolution, Carne Ross sounds a call to action. With dramatic stories from the United States and around the world, Ross’s analysis contrasts with the naïve, Panglossian optimism of globalization boosters like Thomas Friedman. Uncontrolled economic volatility, perpetual insecurity, rampant inequality, and accelerating climate change are heading us into a dangerous period of prolonged crisis. Ross, a former British diplomat to Iraq who resigned over his nation’s involvement in the U.S.-led invasion, draws from his own experiences to offer an empowering new vision of how we can put things right.
The Leaderless Revolution offers a refreshing way of understanding the world of the 21st century that is a clear and easily comprehensible call to all of us – that we do matter as individuals and we can effect change.

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