Ten Minutes a Day Is Worth Much More Than 70 Minutes a Week
One thing that we are looking to do is to set up some consistent routines and habitual patterns. The easiest way of doing this is to set aside some time daily for practicing and developing your persuasion skills. Realistically, if I asked you for half an hour or an hour a day, I am unlikely to get it over the long-term. But there is no excuse for not finding ten minutes. Everyone can find that in a day even if it is at the end of an exhausting, bad day when you are not in the mood … you can still find ten minutes for practice. You also learn better and faster in regular quick chunks that are smaller than your attention span. Ten minutes daily is worth much more than 70 minutes once a week. Feel free to do as many ten minute chunks every day as you please, so long as you do ten minutes at a time and you do at least one ten minute chunk every day. The ten minute chunks can be anything so long as you spend most of your time using the pattern live with people in as many situations you can. Remember the main point is to over-practice to the point where these patterns are natural, instinctive and you use them without thinking.
Ten minutes a day is worth far more than 70 minutes per week.
Practice is different from using, so practice until you just instinctively use it.
Have fun, be prepared to laugh and fall over as you learn.

Enjoy reading always and all the ways.

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