Sukriti Chauhan

God: What is that one thing that you desire on Earth?
Me: Never want to lose the blissful sight of Paradise even after my Rebirth.

Connecting the two hearts with a saintly wire,
With that, God just fulfilled my only desire!

When I opened my eyes for the first time, I had found my Heaven on Earth!
In the glorious face of My Mother which was the best gift, I acquired on my Birth.

The Moment I saw her, although my psyche couldn’t realise,
My heart somehow recognised the eternal bond between the two ties.

We share a connection as pious as her gentle Heart,
She holds My World inside her which shall never fall Apart.

My Mother is the sunlight that illuminates all the darkness of My Life.
Without her, my life would have merely felt like one strife.

Being my first love, she invaded my soul with all her tenderness,
Being my first tutor, she taught that the best sermons are learnt by conquering one’s weaknesses.

Being my first best friend, she never left me deserted in any of my terrible phases.
Being my mother, she is the first person I want to stare at before the sunlight chases.

“Mother, Thank you for being my Torchbearer.
I AM because YOU ARE.”