Love-Based Copywriting Method

Love-Based Copywriting Method: The Philosophy behind writing copy that attracts, inspires, and invites by Michele Pariza Wacek

Do you hate the way sales and marketing copy makes you feel? Sales-y? Inauthentic? Hype-y? Just plain icky? You’re not alone … and there’s a reason you feel that way. It’s because traditional sales and marketing copy (also known as direct response copy) sells by tapping into fear.

But you don’t have to use fear – you can sell and market your business using love instead. And when you do that, you stop manipulating and twisting arms to get buyers, and instead start attracting, inspiring, and inviting your ideal clients into your business.

Ahhh – doesn’t that sound wonderful?

In this book, Love-Based Copywriting Method, expert Michele Pariza Wacek teaches you the philosophy and the foundational principles behind selling with love versus fear – the same proven principles she’s used to helping her clients sell nearly $50 Million worth of products and services. Plus, she includes dozens of exercises so you too can easily implement love-based copy in your own business.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or business owner or just starting, you’ll discover valuable tips and strategies around selling and marketing with love. And not only will you feel great about it, so will your ideal clients.

You may also want to check out Love-Based Copywriting System, the second book in the Love-Based Business series, which walks you through step-by-step exactly how to write copy that sells with love.


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