The One by Kiera Cass


People have gone to online dating to find their other half, however, in The One, John Marrs takes online dating to the other level through a website known as “Match Your DNA” only by a simple DNA test. According to this site, a gene responsible for love, at first sight, is used to identify your other half. Imagine a scenario where a DNA test could coordinate you with the individual you are intended to be with, The One. Millions of people have been matched since then.

The characters in The One have all taken through the test and by looking at their journey together; it becomes clear that not every person is bound for a happy life ever after.

By a newfound gene, science has had the option to identify one’s ideal match and demolishes the social dating scene. The story is about five couples where this love gene has been placed into impact. Among them is a serial killer, named Christopher, who matched surprisingly with many people, a police officer, Amy.

Each character in the novel is overwhelmed by the consequences of this simple hereditary testing utilizing a mouth swab. The writer prods the reader to expect the unforeseen, because ‘married happily ever after’ is not a sure thing for everyone.

The One is the third book by Kiera Cass. Best suited in Fantasy Fiction, The One is certainly a thriller that takes numerous twists to create results, which are startling.


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