The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect by Izuagwu Chibuikem Valentine

Karma, they say, is the judge of all things
The punisher without bias
The executor whose conscience is long decayed
Swaying his sword on the rich and poor alike.

Mercy seeks not its scarred face
Neither does pity for its heart’s unfeint
Justice is the throne he serves
But unjust is its reward for all

What is Karma to the dead
Or its punishment to those doomed
From the dawn of time
What reward does it hold out for me?

I am the eclipse of the world
The personality embodiment of opaque
The scorned soul that thrives in ruins
I am that which the Earth dreads
I am the end to all that began
The endless road all pilgrims fear.

Many liken me to Lucifer Morningstar
But I am something more
For I am but human

I lived like every human once did
I laughed to the plagues of humanity
I loved into the void of emotion
I was peace
I was serenity
And I was doomed

I was the dawn of the Domino effect
The ripples effectively dispatched
Without further ado
Masking the world
Reigning apocalypse to all.

I was pinned to fall vehemently
The energy efficiently transferred
Domino effect being my last act of charity
As I ignite the chain reaction of falls.

Dominoes set into motion
My last act of charity

My question thus is:
Isn’t Karma the worst bitch of all
And his sword Justice inclined?

A thousand years I’ve waited
For the day I’ll behold his essence
The day of reckoning he prophesied
That pays in reward the sowers efforts.

I guess Karma is out of ideas
I guess his sword is blunt beneath the sharpness
Or his wealth of rewards has been exhausted
Or maybe my case have no reward after all

Can a fallen man fall any deeper
Or a dead man die any further?

Karma now is a bitch of all no more
For even in my fall
I rose above the ultimate judge
The sovereign now beaten in his courtyard.

I live and exist
Only in the effect of dominoes
I am the Domino of falls.