That's it

That’s it

That’s it by Krish

Thats it…
Everything that defines us as human beings
Every feeling
Every notion
Every emotion
Every thought
That makes us different
From rest of the species
Should be about and should come from

Self love
Self respect
Self content
Every damn thing
That way, the whole perspective changes…

I dunno how much you agree.
Every thing we cry about
Every thing we whine about
Every painful thought
Every time our heart feel sunk
Whenever there’s that weight
Placed over your chest
It’s always for the times
We let ourselves down or let go…

Whatever the matter is
The key to it is always us…

I see that as a matter of opinion
Circumstance and experiences…

Change is inevitable
And yes, people do

Well, what causes them to change?
That factor
That brisk moment or event
Differs for you and me and every soul…

People change for good
People change for the worst
Nothing is absolute
There are no predefined set of agendas
Or protocols for this matter
It’s something that happens
Something that occurs
Something that strikes you
Like a lightning bolt.

If you ask me
Being carefree, I consider it
As an adaptive method for survival…

We’re all struggling
With one or the other kind of survival
Or existential crisis…

Yet we choose to move on
Either as a slug or a rabbit
We always do.

Its kind of like a defence mechanism
Shutting other people out
Being cornered just of the self
Its survival…

Whether it is great or not
Unless and until it is toxic
Or affects the soulful being
Of another individual
It still is a survival tactic…

I say this cause I’ve been that way
I’ve had my darkest days
I’ve changed
Not much in a good way
Though I was able to determine good and bad
And am breathing still…

We can never know
Another individual to their core

They’ll have their nightmares
They would have had their drops
Falls, heartbreaks…

And they would certainly
Have adapted to life
In a whole other perception…

I’m also doing it but at a high cost
I prefer full closure, yet I fail in that
I am better off alone
But I cant just fully embrace solitude…

There are certain strings tending to pull me
From all the sides
Though I prefer solo…

The thing is
My emotional side
Gets me thinking and writing…

My human side does
Nothing much impressive…
Just a poke
In the emotion centre of my brain
Will do crazy shit…

End of story…

And in the end
No matter what the fuss is about
We move on
We keep on climbing
Whether we like it or not
That’s it…