Reaching For My Light

Reaching For My Light

by Akintayo Qosim (Mr Mih)

Confronting my darkness
So I can reach my light.

In silence, I prayed
Amongst friends, I play
Deep down, I’m afraid
It was all a display.

Then, I went inside my head
I found monsters
Implanted by humans.

Wicked whispers
And nonverbal signals
We don’t want you to stand out
Stay with us and fawn
All your life, please fawn.

So later, we will laugh
And make warm sarcasm
About you not making it.

I faced my demons
They were sipping their drinks
Waiting for me to tell my next move
So they can pull against it.

I spoke to the angel on my right.
He told me to focus
And keep my plans discreet.

Yet they kept peeping
And spying
And listening
Praying for me to slip.

In silence, I moved my chips
In silence, I pray they never catch me.

I know I’m my greatest enemy
Some added themselves to the list
I chuckled
Cos I know I got this.

I’ve had many difficulties
But in the end
I always win
I and my Creator already signed the deal.

P.S: I pray that you and I reach our light,and shine even brighter than we ever dreamed of.