My Sweet

My Sweet

I’m made of sweet
The deeper of me you savour
The sweeter it becomes.

The continuum heightens for sweets
As you approach my core.

But you’ve got to work
Yes, I breath danger to dissuade you
So you may not come close.

I’ll weaken your claws as you try
So I could test your intents.

Sure, I need someone in me
Maybe not you
By intuit, I know you’re wanting
Wanting of my sweets
Yours, yet to be worked
Or may never be.

Much of dusts on your mirrors
Will make my cats look like tigers
And my pigeons like vultures.

That’s why I guard my garden
So it won’t turn to zoo,
In your craving for my sweets.

I guard my sweet

Oh no no don’t go, I mean no threat!
It’s just a caveat:
I don’t need you to want mine
Lost to the riches of your own beauty.

My sweets are products of work
That’s attracted to people of worths.

If you truly need me
Go to work on you.

Written by Ola Israel.

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