My love

My Love

My Love, a poem by Mishti

I wasn’t knowing,
Why am I here.
I wasn’t even knowing,
Why am I breathing!
Before I met you,
Everything was so simple.
The same life,
Same stuff & same shits!

When You came into my life;
I was going through this,
Fucking Shits!
Now I know the reason,
Of our meetings.
The reason of,
Why have you come into my life!
Saved me, Cared for me,
Trusted me and Loved me.
Addiction of your love;
Was greater than my madness for
A noxious cigarette!

You brought me,
Into a new crazier world,
Where you never
Got bored of me,
Never cheated on me &
Even never hurted me.
I feel Safe in your arms,
Never leave me,
Just keep holding tight!

Kiss me slow,
So that the flowers bloom.
Hug me tight so
I can hear your heart beats.
Hold my hands,
Feelings will get deeper.
Love me forever like today,
And Our Love will shine!
I’m with you, and your eyes .
In your warm arms.
Go through my eyes,
And Heartbeats too.
They both are yelling,
I love you!

Wine, Vodka , Drugs;
They aren’t toxic.
The addiction of your love,
Seeing you, beside me,
Is more dangerous!

Love is never blind.
You know?
Cause I’ve seen the
Heaven with my own naked eyes.
I feel getting stronger,
My feelings getting deeper!
Deeply getting engaged in
Thinking about you
Since long!

Sit here, With me. Hold me.
Let me feel you.
Let me feel secure and safe.
Let me breath.
And avow:
I Love You!

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