March 31

March 31

March 31 by Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle

A fallen leaf
A growing shoot
Still becoming, trying to be better.

What will I be?
Is there a path I should tread?
Questions rage in my mind
As thoughts reminisce inside
Wars without
Family and acquaintances alike
Fears within
Soul and spirit alike.

I don’t want to end up this way
Neither do I desire to be average.

I long for the world in my grasp
My name in shining lights
Cheering and chants at my sight
Awards and achievements in my image.

Yet gazing across the corner
I watch as dreams fade away
Visions and goals wash off
With the dawn of the morning.

It will be okay someday, they say
But twenty-one years I have waited
Should I wait another twenty-one?
Or are my dreams unachievable?
Should I still believe in someday
Or should I join mediocre?

Will I ever be the man my childhood dreamt of?
Or should I just mutter another happy birthday and move on?
March 31.

March 31
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