Dear Devil

Dear Devil

Dear Devil by Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle

Dear Devil
How are you doing?
It may seem strange writing to you
But a lot of shit has been going on in my life
Right now, it feels awkward talking to God.

And the church leaders are nothing but politicians
The rest of the congregation are just living scripted lives.

I don’t have to talk about the heathen
They talk about things they don’t even understand
They encounter knowledge too great for them
And end up destroying their lives
Whilst believing they are saving them.

I feel you are the only one I could talk to right now
At least, we have been through similar experiences.

You know how it feels to be cast out
You know how it feels to be rejected
To be chased far away from home
All because of one simple mistake.

I am tempted to ask how you’ve been doing lately
Like it’s been thousands of years.

Do you ever wish that day never saw its morning?
Don’t you for once desire to change fate?
That you could turn back the hands of time?
Before that very day.

Would you be angry if I asked?
Don’t you, for once, wish you never committed that hideous act?
Because right now, it feels the same to me.

I wish I never did what I did
But sometimes it feels different.

I don’t know how it would sound if I asked
Do you feel so deep that you can’t turn back?
Does the guilt hurt so much?
That the only escape is to kill your conscience.

Sometimes, I feel comfortable with the life I’m living
I think I cannot escape fate
That this is the reason why I was born
That the world needs people like you and me in order to thrive
Does it feel the same way to you?

Nevertheless, I am curious to know
Dear Devil
How have you been doing?

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