Another March 31

Another March 31

Another March 31 by Onwuneme Yahwedalu Miracle

Another March 31
In yet another year
Is it something to be hopeful for
Or a day to ponder upon?

Should I celebrate today?
But what is there to to celebrate

Should I treat it like any other day?
But it surely ain’t just any other day

Had I been Job
I would have cursed this day.

For 22 years have I thrived
Maybe I should thrive for another 22.

But even I should thrive for another 22
Will there be a difference?
Or would the past 22 repeat itself
Over and over
Again and again.

Well, there’s naught for today
But to wish myself
Happy birthday
In another March 31.

Another March 31
Prequel to Another March 31

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